What is Whitley’s life like, 20 years after his initial visitor experience? What has he learned? Has mankind learned anything about what these strange visitors are trying to tell us? Read Whitley’s new journal and learn what he thinks about all this.

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Every Christmas season, like most people, I take photographs of the Christmas tree and of everyone opening their presents. But I like to take a mental photograph as well, of the one event that defines the season for me.

Last year when we celebrated Christmas, I had just gotten out of the hospital. I didn’t have any presents for anyone, and I spoiled Christmas dinner at our kids’ house by becoming overwhelmed by the smell of some rich cheese and throwing up in the toilet, then having to be taken home.
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Budd Hopkins has published a brilliant refutation of a particularly silly book about the abduction phenomenon by an author called Susan Clancy. We take this opportunity to reprise the discussion Budd and Whitley had about the abduction phenomenon. Then Dave Louthan tells the chilling story of how he came to personally slaughter the infamous mad cow on December 26, 2003, and how the USDA is mishandling the situation. Do not assume that his complaints have been addressed. USDA remains as indifferent to the public welfare as it ever was. It is there to support the industries it supposedly regulates, not protect the public, and that has not change at all in two years.read more

Anne Strieber and William Henry discuss the ancient meaning of this beautiful holiday we now call Christmas. The period after the winter solstice has been celebrated from time immemorial, because the frightening southward journey of the sun has ended and, by the 25th of December, its return is definitely assured. Don’t miss this lovely discussion between two very wise, very well informed and warm hearted people.

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