In Chapter 8 of What I Learned From the Fat Years, Anne Strieber writes: “After years of desperate dieting, I made a final pact with my body: I would go on one last diet. This had to be a diet that was sure to work, because I wanted to finally triumph over aging, my genes and my environment.” She discovered the ultimate diet, but gained some wisdom about ordinary dieting along the way.

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We’ve learned more about our use of chemical weapons in Iraq. Besides white phosphorus, we may have used napalm. While we are certainly justified in using all weapons against an enemy that it attacking us, we are supposed to be in Iraq in order to change hearts and minds. The Iraqis never attacked us before we invaded their country.
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Spores of airborne mold have become a hazard in New Orleans, where the clean up is still going on.

Andrew Buncombe writes in the Independent that the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has accused the Federal government of failing to warn people about this danger, just as they failed to warn New Yorkers about dangerous air pollution after 911.
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Bird flu started in the huge bird markets in Asia, where chickens and ducks are sold. Poultry farms in the US are safer because of they way these businesses are run in the US: one company controls an entire farm?from egg production to chickens.

US Poultry expert Todd Applegate says, “The poultry industry is the most vertically integrated of all of our livestock industries. As we try to reduce the risk of bird flu in this country, having full control over the entire production process is probably a good thing.”
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