The place where St John the Divine, in Revelation 16:16,prophesied the “war to end all wars” is now thehigh-security prison of Megiddo, where the Israelis send thehardest Palestinian cases. Could this fortress be the siteof an incredible war in the future?

Eric Silver writes in the Independent that underneath theconcrete fortress, Israeli archeologists have discovered oneof the earliest known Christian chapels. It has a beautifulmosaic tile floor inscribed with a Greek dedication to “theGod Jesus Christ,” and discovered when a new wing was beingbuilt on the prison. The chapel is believed to date to thelate third or early fourth centuries, when the Romanconquerors still outlawed Christian worship.
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Newswise – Most of us plan to overeat during the Thanksgiving holidays.If you’re worried about gaining weight, be sure to read AnneStrieber’s diet book.Meanwhile, researchers have discovered that a protein foundin the brain is genetically linked to both alcoholism andanxiety. Sugar also helps alleviate stress. Sweets maydecrease production of a stress-related hormone that hasbeen linked to obesity.
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Newswise – SAD, seasonal affective disorder, is depression that somepeople feel as the days get shorter and darker. A new studysuggests that hamsters may suffer from symptoms of anxietyand depression during the dark days of winter, just as somehumans do. If this is the case, we can try to mitigate thiscondition in hamsters, so we can cheer up SAD people as well.

Researchers found more symptoms of depression and anxiety inhamsters that were housed for weeks in conditions withlimited daylight, as they would be in winter, when comparedto hamsters who had days with longer daylight.
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You can listen to Anne Strieber read Chapters 1 and 2 of her new novel Little Town Lies, which is in bookstores now. Click “Listen Now” on our masthead, then scroll to the last item on the list, called Little Town Lies. You can also read Chapter 1 in this month’s Texas Monthly and also online.

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