The earthquake that devastated Pakistan on Saturday was acontinental scale tectonic event. It was followed by over adozen aftershocks and was the result of stresses built up bythe northward movement of the Indian Subcontinent. TheUnited States Geologic Service says, “much of thecompressional motion between these two colliding plates hasbeen and continues to be accomodated by slip on a suite ofmajor thrust faults that are at the earth’s surface in thefoothills of the mountains and dip northward beneath theranges.” Little is understood about the connectivity ofearthquakes that are not on contiguous faults, but there issome evidence that they come in sequence.
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The National Hurricane Center has failed dismally at predicting which tropical storms will become hurricanes, despite the input of millions of dollars by the US government. The NHC uses buoys, weather balloons, radar, ground sensors and airplanes to track tropical storms and warn us if they threaten to make land and turn into hurricanes. Despite all this sophisticated equipment, they have failed to correctly forecast half of the hurricanes that have hit land since 1992.
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Mankind is reaching a new destiny, and among the few people who understand this is William Henry. William’s popular Stargate 2012 DVD is now $2 off regular price! This 2-disk set includes “Surfing the Tides of the Milky Way” and “Stargates of the Gods.” Don’t hesitate?supplies are limited.

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Graham Phillips is back from another adventure, and he’s going to share with us his discoveries about the Virgin Mary, and the conspiracy that has been in place for years to keep the truth about her from the public. Then Linda Howe tells us the REAL reason that hurricanes are turning into monsters! Graham’s website is

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