Agence France-Presse – The worst fears of environmentalists are coming true:Scientists have issued a new warning about the effects ofclimate change on Antarctica, saying that more than 200glaciers are melting because of unusually high temperatures.Using aerial photos dating back to the 1940s and more recentsatellite images, scientists from the British AntarcticSurvey (BAS) have discovered just how much these ice shelveshave melted over the last 50 years, as temperatures haverisen by around 3? degrees F. In a study published in the respected journal Science, theseresearchers explain that until the mid-1950s, most of theglaciers got more

In the year 1139, St. Malachy, an Irish bishop with a notedgift of prophecy, visited Rome and, as the result of avision, wrote a single line of description for 112 futurepopes.

The list has been strikingly accurate, and the new pope hasalso fulfilled the prophecy about him. Pope 111 (the secondto the last) is described as “Gloria Olivae,” the Glory ofthe Olive. The olive is associated with St. Benedict’s orderof Bendictines, who are also called the Olivetans. CardinalRatzinger chose the name Benedict in honor of St. Benedict,who was one of the original and most powerful evangelizersof Europe. He has dedicated his pontificate to there-evangelization of Europe.
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In Glasgow, Scotland, dogs seem to have lost the will tolive. Five dogs have committed suicide?by jumping from thesame spot on a bridge. All these suicides happened atdifferent times. For instance, a woman who was out walkingher dog watched in amazement as her dog ran to the spot andjumped over, plunging 40 feet to its death. In Germany, asmany as a thousand toads exploded, when their bodiessuddenly puffed up and their guts shot out. Why all this ishappening is a mystery. Linda Howe will have a report about theexploding toads on the week’s (April 30)Dreamland!

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Forget dogs and toads?what about those cows? Is it safe toeatbeef?or not?

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I’ve been talking recently to a friend who survived breast cancer. Those of you who visit regularly know that I survived a potentially lethal brain hemorrhage in October, and spent about 6 weeks in the I.C.U. of a nearby hospital. My friend and I agree on one thing: no one wants to contract a serious illness, but real gifts come to those of us who do.
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