Bob White saw a UFO many years ago–and got an artifact from it, a piece of metal that he found on the ground. Since then, he has been attempting to have this artifact analyzed, and some of the results are very, very unusual.

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This week on Dreamland,Mark Hall takes us on an adventure in search of mysterious giant birds, which may still exist right here in the UnitedStates. Then Linda Howe explores the mystery of whysocieties self-destruct, and why we might be going down avery dangerous road. OnMysteriousPowers, Anne Strieber talks with herbalist Stephen Buhner, whotells us how to understand the plant world in a whole newway.
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Newswise – It’s recently been proven that secondhand tobacco smoke isextremely dangerous for nonsmokers and actually causeschromosomalbreakage in the fetuses of pregnant women. Now it’s beenrevealed that in 1987, tobacco industry executives at PhilipMorris deliberately planted lies in a journal they published.

The Lancet reports that, according to Australian researcherSimon Chapman, who reviewed 484 articles published in thejournal “Indoor and Built Environment” between January 1992and February 2004, paid consultants to the tobacco industrywrote most of the articles. Not surprisingly, 61% of thesearticles came to the conclusion that secondhand smoke isn’tdangerous.

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Whitley writes in his latestJournal: “The much heralded ABC special on UFOs has comeand gone. Predictably, it was more of the same, a largenumber of lies sprinkled with a few truths. At least itwasn’t as relentlessly negative as such programs havegenerally been in the past. But people like Peter Jenningsand his producers are cursed with the belief that they canunderstand?or already do understand?what they are lookingat. The reality is that the UFO phenomenon is the mostcomplex event in history, and a cursory examination of itssurface by a few overworked and ill-informed televisionproducers is not going to succeed in any way whatsoever tocome to any truth about it.” Don’t miss this powerfuljournal entry!
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