In an eerie reprise of one of the world’s great UFO flaps,the Belgian incidents of 1989, a huge triangular object wasobserved over Paris two nights ago. The object, recreatedhere by French UFO observer Mathieu Cozanet, was seen atabout 9:50 PM, moving slowly through the night sky at almostrooftop altitude. The witness was in a small public park at thecorner of Rue d’Alesia and Rue Vercingeton in the 1stArrondissment. It was a dark and, for Paris, unusually clearnight, and he chanced to look up to see the stars. At thatmoment, he saw the craft, just visible against thenight sky, moving across the Rue Vercingeton anddisappearing over the roofs of buildings, as shown in Mr.Cozanet’s recreation. Unfortunately, the other personpresent was looking in another direction and did not more

I began digging into the Maya civilization in 1978 while on tour visiting archaeological ruins in Mexico. My investigations lasted about a year and when I returned I resolved to find out why the year 2012 held any significance.

Well, the answers came with much perseverance and I must admit the research was painfully slow and often tedious. Worse yet, it often ended up going nowhere. Then 2 years ago the light came shining down, the doors of perception opened up and I got it all in one fell swoop. At this point, I realize it just had to be that way. The timing had not been right before then.
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A strange streak of light was seen in the skies abovethe Hawaiian Islands last December. It turns out that theNight Sky Live (NSL) projecthas web cameras continuously watching the nightsky?searching for UFOs? That’s probably not part of theproject’s mission description, but they seem to haverecorded one anyway.

NASA reports that on December 17, camera on top of thevolcano Haleakala on Maui captured something mysteriousmoving inthe sky. A camera on a nearby island recorded the samething, so it couldn’t have simply been an anomaly. It alsocouldn’t have been a satellite, since no satellites werepassing by at that time.

At present, the object remains an unknown. You can see ananimation of its movement across the sky atNASA’S website.
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The Mayan calendar shows the world ending in 2012?could thisbe true?Will Hartinvestigated this personally, and has important answers forus.

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