Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell has said thatthe vote count in his state is not yet official, and willnot be official until all provisional ballots are counted,which will not take place until ten days after the election.

At present, President Bush is 136,483 votes ahead of JohnKerry. There are 175,000 known provisional ballots, and notall counties have transmitted their provisional ballots tothe Secretary of State as of today.

In the unlikely event that Ohio turns out to cast itselectoral vote for John Kerry, he would become the nextpresident. Until the state’s vote is officially tabulated,the question remains open. Kerry’s concession to thepresident would have no legal standing if the state’selectoral votes were cast for him.
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It was very windy in the Baltimore-Washington area onNovember 5. But wind does not account for the bizarre radareffect that appeared on weather radars over the area thatevening.

A radar expert consulted by Unknowncountry.com said thatthere could be two main possibilities that might explainthis strange image: it is a result of tampering with theimage itself; it is because of some unknown substance orpossible electromagentic disturbance in the atmosphere thataffected the radar return. He did not feel that it could beexplained as an equipment malfunction because the imagereturn around the effect is normal. But he did not discountthis as a possiblity, especially if the radar unit itselfwas being affected by some sort of electronic interferencelocal to its immediate area.read more

The legendary particle that physicists thought explained the basic question of why matter has mass, often called the ?God particle,? probably does not exist, and now a few scientistsare beginning to consider the idea that what might be thereis not a particle at all, but some sort of consciousness orintelligence, that would mean that the universe does indeedhave a God. However, the conventional Higgs search is noconcentrating on the notions that there may be somethingabout Quantum Entanglement that explains the absence of theHiggs, or that the particle itself may be heavier thanexpected, and thus not detectable in the particleacceleration experiments that have been used thus far.
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In the film “Simone,” Al Pacino created a computer-generated actress he passed off as real. Now this is no longer fiction: for his two sequels to “The Matrix,” director JoelSilver mixes real actors in the same scenes with computer-generated images and you can’t tell the difference. And now”Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” has been made withan entirely computer-generated background–no sets at all.

Larry and Andy Wachowski, with their partner Gaeta, say they can now make movies in which it’s impossible to tell real characters and scenes from fake ones.
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