Something is changing earth’s weather far faster than globalwarming models indicate. The extremely violent hurricane andtyphoon seasons of 2004 have been followed by ferociouswinter weather, and now yet another tropical cyclone hasformed in mid Pacific, with winds in excess of 100 MPH.

In early December, an unprecedented blizzard dumped amonth’s worth of snow on Vladivostok, and record breakingwinter storms are now striking the US and Europe.

What has changed? It’s not clear yet, but some German andRussian scientists believe that cosmic rays may be playing apart in cloud formation, and therefore in the violent weather.
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The Iranian government has announced that it has ordered itsair force to attack UFOs which are being seen near Iraniannuclear facilities in substantial numbers. Air Force ColonelSalman Mahini has said “all anti-aircraft units and jetfighters have been ordered to shoot down the flying objectsover Iran’s airspace.”

UFO fever has swept Iran since last summer. There have beenhundreds of sightings of glowing craft at low altitudes, asignificant number of which have been close to nuclearfacilities.

Iran is assuming that the unknown objects being observed areUS aerial reconnaisance vehicles.

The Iranian daily Resalat reported on Saturday that unknownobjects have been seen over Bushehr and Isfahan provinces inrecent weeks.
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The 9.0 mega-earthquake that struck the Indian Ocean Sundayhas caused the entire planet to begin vibrating. EnzoBoschi, the head of Italy’s National Geophysics Institutestated on Italian television on Sunday evening that “all theplanet is vibrating” because of the quake, and that it haddisturbed the planet’s rotation.

This is the fifth largest earthquake in recorded history,and little is known about the planetary effects of suchtremors. The last one, a 9.2 quake that struck PrinceWilliam Sound in Alaska in 1964, did not result in anymeasured planet-wide effects beyond the quake itself.
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Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry is exploringhis legal options after learning that there are seriousquestions about the validity of the vote count in Ohio. OnDecember 23, Senator Kerry’s Ohio attorney Jerry Hoffheimerstated on MSNBC’s Countdown that the Senator will be seekingto obtain evidence being presented in a recount suit beingpressed by the Green and Libertarian parties in Ohio.

It is being alleged that Triad GSI, which supplied votingmachines to half of Ohio counties either failed to properlysecure the machines or intentionaly interfered with theiroperation, causing them to produce incorrect vote countsthat favored President Bush.
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