A massive 1,200 square mile iceberg threatens to block thebreakup of ice in the Ross Sea and prevent resupply of theUS’s sprawling McMurdo base in Antarctica.

The iceberg broke off the Ross ice shelf in 2000 and hasbeen drifting since then. It is the largest iceberg everrecorded. On Wednesday, it ran aground against Ross Islandand is in danger of becoming wedged against a smallerisland, which would result in the isolation of the McMurdobase from resupply by sea during the brief Antarctic summer(late November–early February).
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The official story is that the Twin Towers collapsed as aresult of damage done by the two aircraft that struck them.However, that may not be the whole story.

Mike Pecoraro was working in the 6th sub-basement of theNorth Tower when it was hit by the first plane. He and aco-worker were disturbed by a flickering of lights, whichcould have meant a power interruption that could haveserious effects on the machinery they were responsible for.

They then called the Assistant Chief Engineer on a higherlevel. They were told that the building had shaken and aloud explosion had been heard.
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Most of the general media laughed off the movie “The DayAfter Tomorrow” as “too extreme.” But better informed mediawere not so dismissive, and the National Geographic was noexception. They wrote, “to environmentalists, there is morethan a kernel of truth in the catastrophic scenariosdepicted…”

Now, their story has proved to be number six among theirwebsite’s most popular stories of 2004. The film, which hasgrossed nearly a billion dollars worldwide, has provedenormously popular with the public, and is on it’s way tobecoming one of the largest grossing films of all time.

Its DVD reportedly has sold over $350,000,000 worth ofcopies worldwide.
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UPDATE: 12/13/04 0900 Pacific:XinhuaNews Agency reports that witnesses saw a strange, shiningobject cross the sky at 11:36 PM Saturday night, followed bytremendous booms. Over 700 witnesses have reported seeingthe phenomenon. Police are searching for debris in the areawhere it fell. The earth trembled across a 70 square milearea around the western Chinese city of Lanzhou, suggestingan impact with the ground. But so far, nothing has beenfound.

Shortly before midnight on Saturday night, two red trails oflight passed over Lanzhou in western China. Suddenly, asuburban area of the city was lit up as bright as day and atremendous explosion shook the area, and people felt as ifan earthquake had struck.
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