Ed Note: This article was placed in error. The “new moon”was determined by NASA to be a Saturn rocket stage inOctober of 2003. We erroneously used an old reference inthis story.

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2004 was one of the warmest, wettest and most violent yearsin the history of weather forecasting. The National Oceanicand Atmospheric Administration report is based on data goingback to 1895.

As predicted in global warming models, Arctic temperaturesrose the most dramatically, with an approximate 1.8 degree Fincrease in Alaska above the 1971-2000 average. Alaska had arecord warm summer, with temperatures averaging 4.6 degreesF above average.

Had late summer not been cooler than average across much ofthe midwest, 2004 could have been a record high year.
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Dr. Mark Olson offers a phenomenal video taken in December 2004 near his home in Sonora, California. Mark is also reporting strange personal events that could involve close encounters. He describes this video this way: Fog blanketed the Motherlode for a second night. A friend, who is also a videographer, decided to take me to a location higher up in the foothills and above the fog. At a location about five miles south of Twain Harte, we pulled to the side of Longeway Road. (Twain Harte is about eight miles east of Sonora.) At 8:37 PM, as we faced west, we saw a brightly lit object over Lyons Bald Mountain. The barbell object had two lights pulsating back and forth and moving slowly upward. The object suddenly morphed into one light with a strange “field” around it.read more

India’s intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing(RAW), its equivalent of the CIA, has arrested a largenumber of Pakistani intelligence agents in recent days, andremote viewing has played a significant role in the effort.Working with the Central Bureau of Intelligence, India’sequivalent of the FBI, RAW has apparently scored anintelligence coup against both Pakistan and al Quaeda.
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