A lone whale that makes sounds unlike any known species has marine biologists baffled. The whale has been wandering the Pacific for 12 years, but scientists have been unaware of it because its voice was only being picked up by classified US Navy equipment.

Using declassified data, marine biologists have determined that the whale’s voice, pitched at 52 hertz, does not match any known species. Whales generally call between 15 and 20 hertz. While some species use higher frequencies, none are near 52 hertz.

The calls have gotten deeper over the years, suggesting that the whale has matured. Marine biologists doubt that the whale represents a new species. No call like it has been heard anywhere in the world.
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Anne Strieber tells us about the experience of nearly dying and returning to life after a journey deep into the world of the dead. This testament is unique in the world in coming from someone who has been deep into the unknown and returned with vivid memories of what happened. You will never have heard anything like it before.

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This week, William Henry interviews one of the world?s mostunusual people,Nicholas Devere, the author ofThe DragonLegacy, which explains and reveals the nature of dragonsymbolism, and traces its origins and the origins of theGrail bloodline deep into prehistory.

Nicholas is uniquely qualified to do this work. As aproponent and scholar of magic he is unrivalled. He is theoriginal magical prince; the rightful king of witches. Asone of the few documented members of this bloodline in theworld, he is uniquely qualified to understand some of thedeepest human secrets, and reveal them to us. Learn moreabout Dreamlandhere.

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Anne Strieber has returned home, and she’s back with apowerful and profound message about what it is really liketo go as close to death as possible, but not cross over. Sheoffers our subscribers a fifteen minute interview duringwhich she describes the experience of coming close to death,and discovering the secret of the afterlife.

This brief interview with somebody who has entered death andreturned is unforgettably powerful and profound.

Anne will appear live in our subscriber section chat roomfrom 3 to 4 PM Pacific time on Saturday, December 11.

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