Geologists are recording continuous tremors deep under theSan Andreas Fault, according to an article published in thisweek’s edition of Science Magazine.

A cluster of these tremors was observed before a significantquake last September, raising the possibility that they maybe precursors of larger events, and therefore a possiblepredictive tool for future earthquakes. During September,clusters of these deep tremors were measured before aSeptember 28 earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter Scaletook place in the Parkfield segment of the San Andreas fault.

The tremors are taking place at a depth of 12 to 15 milesbeneath the surface of the earth. Normal earthquakes rarelystart deeper than 9 miles. The quakes are not noticeable onthe surface.
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Anne Strieber spent an hour today chatting live with our subscribers. Normally, the text of these chats will be posted in the subscriber section, but Anne has requested that her chat be posted in the public area of the website.

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StarMaiden: Welcome Anne it is so good to see you back! ::rose

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ReikiMom: Hi Anne, How are you feeling today

anne_strieber> I visited the emergency room this morning because I woke up with some disturbing symptoms, but they turned out to have more to do with drinking a glass of wine last night than any neurological issues. Aside from that, I’m doing really well. read more

Nicholas DeVere is one of the most controversial analysts of the lost human past. He claims to be from an ancient family with special knowledge of true human origins and calls himself a prince of a lost world. He is an expert magician and claims title to be king of the witches–a title that many wiccans reject. Decide for yourself what you think of Nicholas DeVere. And do read his book. Normally, we’d refer you to his website in this space, but he doesn’t have one. Google him for interesting results. THEN Linda Howe offers a completely amazing account of what happened in 1947, why 600 planes crashed that year, and why a 1974 fire insured the government would never need to reveal its UFO secrets. DO NOT MISS THIS.
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Normally, the text of live subscriber chats appear only in our subscriber section. However, Anne Strieber especially requested that her chat be placed in the public area of the site. You can read it by clickinghere.

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