Dione, one of the moons of Saturn, made a convincing appearance of a UFO last week. As Cassini took an image ofSaturn, the moon’s motion created the illusion that it was agigantic cylinder.

Dione is Dione, but there are an unusual number of UFOhotspots around the world at thistime. From the Himalayan foothills to Canada and Ohio, theUFO reports are pouring in.

With the widespread use of video cameras, it is nowcommonplace for unexplained objects to be videotaped. Goneare the days when government and scientists could explainUFOs away as swamp gas, flocks of geese or the planet Saturn.

The US is also experiencing heightened UFO activity. To readan update from just one area,click here.
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Bruce Schneier, internationally renowned cryptologist andsecurity expert, and author of AppliedCryptography, has criticized a Bush Administration planto embed special computer chips in all future passports. Amove, Schneier says, that could compromise the privacy andsecurity of American’s traveling abroad, or worse, indicatea sinister motive on behalf of a US Government agency.

Under the Bush initiative, future passports will include aspecial kind of embedded computer chip called an RFID (radiofrequency identification) chip. This chip will contain muchmore information than a traditional passport, and will allowcustoms and passport officials to read the contents of thepassport using an electronic reader.
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2004 has been one of the most active typhoon seasons inhistory, and now Japan, which has been struck time and againthroughout the season, has been hit by its worst typhoon ina decade.

According to a Japanese Meteorological Agency official,Typhoon Tokage was unusual in its intensity and size. Therare typhoon had a radius of over 300 miles, which resultedin considerable widespread damage across almost all ofJapan. During the worst of the storm, thousands were forcedto evacuate their homes, heading to schools and publicshelters for safety. Windspeeds within the storm exceeded90 miles per hour (144 kph). At least 40,000 homes lost power.
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Unknowncountry.com has received word from the laboratorydoing DNA studies on the Elmendorf animal, the strangecreature killed near Elmendorf, Texas, last May, that theDNA is canine, but that it has been subjected to too muchstress to tell anything about a specific species.

At this time, we are seeking to get them additional DNA fromthe Lufkin creature.

The animal was known to be canine from the configuration ofits skull. The exact species remains a mystery.

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