The Day After Tomorrow opens in thousands of theaters worldwide today, one of the largest movie openings in recent history. Whitley and Anne and Art and Ramona Bell attended the premiere on Monday, and Whitley offers his thoughts about the way the media is responding to the movie in his new journal. He does NOT agree with the media’s conventional wisdom that the storm depicted in the movie couldn’t happen. Not only could it, it has, and there is recent scientific evidence to support this.

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Many couples choose to have babies using in-vitro fertilization because the man’s sperm count is too low to father children any other way. However, this low sperm count could be due to a genetic defect that affects more than sperm, and when these fathers use in-vitro to produce offspring, they are passing their defective genes along.
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Some owners of new hybrid cars can’t figure out why they don’t get the 55 or higher miles per gallon they’ve been promised. It turns out you won’t save much on gas unless you drive the right way. Honda spokesman Chris Naughton tells Civic Hybrid owners not to drive too fast or brake too hard, and says, “Be mindful that (fuel-efficiency) can vary.”

John Gartner writes in that Toyota Prius drivers have reported lifetime fuel-efficiency from 36 to 58 mpg, while Honda Civic Hybrid owners claim to get between 32 and 56 mpg. But some drivers report getting 40 miles per gallon or less.
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Britain may be facing a Mad Cow time bomb. New research suggests that up to 4,000 people there unknowingly carry the human form of mad cow disease. Some may already be passing it on through blood transfusions and contaminated surgical instruments, so the disease may continue to kill for decades.

Pathologists examined more than 12,500 tonsil and appendix specimens from hospital operations and found evidence of the prion for Creutzfeld Jakob disease, the human form of Mad Cow, in three of them. If these statistics are the same for the whole of Britain, it means that about 3,800 people carry the deadly prion and don’t know it.
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