The Key is a very strange book and some readers have had most unusual experiences with it. Listen to one reader describe what happened when his copy disappeared for days under highly unusual circumstances.

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William Henry went to Egypt to study the Osiris Pillar and came back with a beautiful and remarkable story. A Dreamland Special Event!

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As part of our new Communion Letters, a reader named “Shawn” writes: I want to relate an experience I recently had in my own backyard. I was standing on my back porch at about 9 pm, enjoying the night air, when I saw a streak of yellowish light dart across a section of sky, about treetop level. This light moved much too fast to be an airplane or helicopter, and there was no accompanying sound. I don’t think it could have been a shooting star because it was a cloudy night and I observed it in front of the clouds and behind the trees, which were still bare. Also, it appeared to have moved from a lower to a higher elevation for the brief moment I saw more

We went to the premiere of the Day After Tomorrow with Art and Ramona earlier this week. It was a fabulous event, with the whole front of the Museum of Natural History turned into an arctic waste via the use of artificial snow. The premiere was packed with celebrities, including the stars of the movie and many others. The film itself is a mind-blowing roller coaster of brilliant special effects.

It has been generally called a tremendous boost for environmental concern, but, as science, bunk.

How predictable the media is. The press is virtually unanimous about the Day After Tomorrow: great special effects, cool movie, important that we should be concerned about global warming.
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