Russia reports that the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command has signed an agreement with EKIP Aviation in Russia to co-produce a flying saucer-shaped aircraft that was developed in 1992. They say the new planes will be ready in a few years, but from recent Middle Eastern UFO sightings, we suspect the unmanned version is already being used as a spy plane.

Why a saucer-shaped plane? It doesn’t require a long runway and can land almost anywhere. The shape gets rid of vibration, which is a big problem with conventional aircraft design.
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Half of the 114 species that have become extinct, despite the federal Endangered Species Act of 1973, once lived in Hawaii. The Center for Biological Diversity says the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service knowingly delays putting species on the endangered list “to avoid political controversy even when it knew the likely result would be the extinction of the species.” Extinction could happen to us too?unless we learn how to lengthen our telomeres.
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If this is the case, would alternate fuels such as wind and hydrogen, which are available everywhere, mean an end to war? If we change to nuclear power when oil runs low, will wars break out in countries with large uranium deposits?

Paul Reynolds writes in that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was partly caused by a U.S. decision in 1941 to limit oil exports to Japan, in response to the Japanese invasion of China. Japan was almost totally reliant on imported oil from the U.S. Japan still relies on imported oil but now it comes from the Middle East, like ours does.
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“Sarah” writes: “The Phoenix Lights are back! A lady I work with came into work today and told us her story?she was ‘going crazy’ because of what she saw. She and her kids saw it through binoculars and also filmed it on camera. She said it kind of looked like a glowing mushroom top (no stem) and like it was on fire, and it was moving back and forth for half an hour, then it disappeared. (This was at 10 pm at night). Also at one point it was moving toward her. She’s bringing in the tape for us to watch tomorrow at work.”

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