The idea that global warming could send North America and Western Europe into an ice age within a few decades can no longer be called a conspiracy theory by skeptics, now that NASA is taking it seriously.

According to the NASA website: “The thawing of sea ice covering the Arctic could disturb or even halt large currents in the Atlantic Ocean. Without the vast heat that these ocean currents deliver?Europe’s average temperature would likely drop 9 to 18

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Spend a totally fascinating hour with the man who has just published the BEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN on the Bermuda Triangle mystery, including many recent stories that have just plain been buried by the media. Then Linda Howe has some stunning new information about Mars water.

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We’re down to zero on most of our sale books, but we still have a few left, and most of these will probably be abducted by our readers this weekend. If you missed one of these great reads, now’s your chance to catch up?at a great price! Keep reading for details.

Did you know that scientists have proved it is possible to contact the dead? Not only that, you can learn how to do it too! And when you do consult a psychic, how can you avoid being hoaxed? Let’s hope, when we reach the other side, we can hear angelic music as beautiful as that composed by Steven Halpern.

UFOs are a major topic here on unknowncountry. There’s plenty of evidence that the government has lots of information about them.
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Volvo has a new concept car designed especially for women. It has changeable seat pads, in different colors and patterns, tons of storage, and a hood that doesn’t open.

Jorn Madslien writes in that the car, which is now on display at the Geneva auto show in Switzerland, was designed by a team of women. “The car is shown with a light yellow, embroidered seat pad, maybe for the more elegant occasion,” says Maria Widell Christiansen. “Then in winter you might chose a woolen seat pad, maybe in a strong cozy color, or you may go for the lighter, more Scandinavian looking one.”
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