In Major Media Finally Gets It, we wrote about Fortune Magazine’s report on the Pentagon’s concerns that global warming could cause weather changes that lead to war. Now the Soldiers for the Truth website reports on what the Pentagon actually said.

They report that “Pentagon planner Andrew Marshall, who heads up the DoD Office of Net Assessment?last year ordered up a long-range forecast of how a rapid onset of global warming could affect the security of the United States and its allies. The study, written by analysts Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall, provides a dire scenario of potential catastrophic impacts from global warming on the natural resources, political and economic systems and day-to-day life not only of the United States but the entire world.
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In our latest Insight,Will Hart writes: “In a recent exchange with a ‘UFO lawyer,’ I was assured that he could prove the existence of UFOs in a court of law. This brings up a very important point regarding the history of UFO investigations that raises questions about the rules of evidence used to judge whether UFOs are a real phenomenon or not. The lawyer could justifiably make that claim; however, scientists routinely say there is not enough evidence to prove the existence of the phenomenon. What gives?”

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