As part of our new Communion Letters series, “Dell” says: “I wrote down my experiences in the first place at the request of a film producer friend who wanted a script for a sci-fi film or TV series. I said, ‘I’m not very good at making things up but I have a few true stories that people think are sci-fi!’ He said, ‘Yes, I know, that’s why I asked you.’ She tells about a remarkable day at the playground?with aliens.

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For the first time in nearly twenty years, Budd Hopkins and Whitley Strieber have a discussion about the abduction phenomenon. This riveting first introduces Sight Unseen, Budd’s stunning new book, written with his wife Carol Rainey. All but overwhelming in its power and thoroughness, the book successfully challenges the most hardened skeptic to deny the reality of the abduction phenomenon. Then Dave Louthan tells the chilling story of how he came to personally slaughter the infamous mad cow on December 26, and how the USDA is mishandling the situation. Linda Howe closes a powerful show with a riveting story of a highly credible witness who is videotaping UFOs in the Midwest.
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Jordan Maxwell is one of the world’s most renowned researchers into the occult and secret societies. He introduced David Icke to an American audience and helped Richard Hoagland and William Henry both start on their paths. Now, listen to a frank and searching interview with this vastly knowledgeable man. Precious information, unavailable anywhere else.

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Dave Louthan slaughtered the mad cow that stunned the world last December. Now he says the USDA is not handling the investigation properly. This is as hard-hitting and powerful an interview as you will ever hear about anything anywhere. Listen up, and be careful about what you eat!

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