The official website of the city of Whittlesea in Australia posted this photograph, which was taken by a traffic engineer at a railroad crossing, using a digital camera. As so often happens, he didn’t notice the UFO until he downloaded the photo onto his computer.

The City of Whittlesea has announced they will show the photo to higher authorities, but have no official opinion on what it is.

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In Confirmation, Whitley eulogized his dear friend Michael Talbot, author of The Holographic Universe: “The key to the new way of thinking I was seeking was handed to me by a dying man. He brought me as close to the visitors as I had ever been, he gave me a clear look into an even deeper, even more hidden part of our world than I had found thus far and?what is most critical?in a few electrifying seconds he completely revised my understanding of good and evil, the meaning of death and?for me?the meaning of man.” The Holographic Universe is considered by many to be among the most brilliant books ever written about the nature of scientific mysteries. Michael Talbot, who died tragically of cancer at the age of just 36, left this as his great work.
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This is the SOHO solar image containing the apparent UFO, as discussed in the Unknowncountry newsletter of 1/23/04. It will appear on the main site as a story if the picture is confirmed as authentic and not a construction. There is no obvious sign of digital alteration of the image, but it cannot be found in the SOHO database at present.

If we are able to confirm that this image was taken by SOHO, it will run next week in a story on the main news page.

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NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links more

While the Rover is investigating rocks on Mars, scientists have discovered that a rock found in Morocco in 2001 came from Mars. The Rover is searching for water on Mars and this rock gives astronomers evidence that water once flowed there, since it’s a magmatic rock, formed when water moved from the core of the planet to the surface.

David Whitehouse writes in that the rock came from a bed of meteorites found in the Atlas mountains, and the location has been kept secret. “It is a remarkable experience to hold it in your hand,” says Bruno Fectay, one of the people who found it. “When you hold it you are in a Martian magmatic chamber, deep in a volcano under the surface of Mars. We will never be able to go to such a place. This rock is our passport.”
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