After robots get through exploring Mars, humans will be next. How will we get enough air and water and produce the power we need? Some researchers have suggested using weapons-grade plutonium for the job, but NASA’s Humboldt Mandell says, “?To think about taking the most deadly element that’s known to humanity, like plutonium, and mucking up Mars with it, to me that borders on the immoral.” Despite President Bush’s plans for a base on the moon, he thinks it will be cheaper to skip the moon and go straight to Mars.
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Regarding our story on Yellowstone volcanoes getting ready to blow, a reader named “Jeffrey” writes: “Actually, the Park Department IS telling everyone about the danger and eventuality of Yellowstone exploding. I’m not sure why the news media hasn’t picked it up?And yes, the next big explosion is long overdue.” When it blows, it will devastate a wide area, causing mass evacuations.
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Are there signs of genetic engineering in human DNA? Will Hart says that the more we learn about genetic engineering, the more it seems that this is the case. He lays out his case for us. Then, Linda Howe finds out some astonishing truths about Dark Matter. Most of the universe isn’t even visible to us!

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David Whitehouse writes in that a giant hole appeared in a layer of clouds in Mobile, Alabama, caused by changes in atmospheric temperatures due to global warming. The hole formed when the contrails from a passing plane froze and fell through a cloud, causing the water droplets inside it to evaporate. The warmer lower atmosphere has made the upper atmosphere cooler, which causes contrails to freeze, sometimes crashing to the Earth as mysterious blocks of ice. To see the “sky hole” click here.

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