Chimps and humans are 99% alike when it comes to DNA. Researchers think what makes us different are “lifestyle” changes that occurred 6 million years ago, when we both separated from a common ancestor. These have to do with how we smell and hear things and what we eat.
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It’s been discovered that nonsmokers who spent only four hours in a smoky Las Vegas casino had elevated levels of a cancer-causing agent called NNAL in their urine. Their urine also contained elevated levels of cotinine, which is a byproduct of nicotine. Both these chemicals only come from tobacco.

In, Marc Lallanilla quotes epidemiologist Robert West as saying, “This evidence could be dynamite. It is one thing to know that one is breathing in carcinogens; psychologically it is another to know that one’s own body has been contaminated by them.”
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With help from the U.S. Navy, the Russians hope to have a functional flying saucer built by 2007. They’ll be testing it at Webster Field in Maryland, so people there should be on the lookout for UFO reports then.

In, Noah Shachtman quotes engineer John Fischer as saying, “?If we can make it work, it’ll allow for new, radical concepts in aircraft design.” Engineers have discovered a way to create a vacuum around the saucer’s surface, to keep the air flowing around it.
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Local radio station KHUM in Humboldt county, California, has posted photos, taken by Jessie Crumb, of what seems to be a UFO that was seen on Thursday, December 18. To see the photos, click here.

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