NASA scientists can observe greenhouse gases from space, and they say soot, mostly from diesel engines, is causing as much as 25% of all global warming, by reducing the ability of snow and ice to reflect sunlight. “We suggest that soot contributes to near worldwide melting of ice that is usually attributed solely to global warming,” say NASA’s James Hansen and Larissa Nazarenko.

They say soot has twice the effect on global warming as carbon dioxide. This is actually not bad news, because while it will take money, replacing diesel engines is a possibility, while doing without fossil fuels is not?at least not for the near future. Besides diesel engines, other sources of soot come from the burning of wood, animal dung, and vegetable oil.
read more reports that U.S. intelligence is warning that there are at least a dozen terrorists with flight training who have infiltrated foreign flight crews or have learned how to take over cargo planes. Several of them are French nationals. This is why the U.S. cancelled recent flights from France and is requiring armed guards on some international flights.

U.S. officials will decide which planes will carry armed undercover guards on a “flight-by-flight basis.” Homeland Security spokesman Dennis Murphy says, “We will notify airlines when we have information on a specific flight.”
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It’s a hardcover collector’s edition of short stories containing an exceptionally powerful new Whitley Strieber story called “Father Bob and Bobby.” This story gives vent to some of Whitley’s anger over the abuse of the Catholic priesthood by sexual predators. It’s a shattering, not-to-be missed experience for Whitley fans. Borderlands are published every few years in limited editions, and this edition also contains a wonderful new story by Stephen King called “Stationary Bike.” These books are first edition collectors items. They are not autographed. To order Borderlands 5, click here.

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When we try to figure out whether mysterious icons, such as the Shroud of Turin, are “real” or fake, we need to remember that there is such a thing as a genuinely ancient fake. One scientist now says the Voynich manuscript is an example of this.

Michael Woods writes in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that British computer scientist Gordon Rugg says the Voynich, which no expert has ever been able to translate, was created as a hoax 400 years ago in order to fool a king.
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