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Physicist Freeman Dyson says that our “scheme of Mars missions is excellent, but it has one fatal flaw: the fact that you are expecting NASA to do it.” NASA has become timid, after the recent shuttle disaster, but private companies are willing take over the task.

Sir Martin Rees, the British Royal Astronomer, thinks rich CEOs like Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos will finance trips to the moon and Mars in the future, with NASA playing a supportive role. On space.com, Robert Roy Britt quotes him as saying, “I think the future of manned spaceflight will only brighten if it’s done by people prepared to cut costs and take risks in a fashion that’s seemingly unacceptable to the U.S. public in a NASA project.”
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Animals on the endangered species list are not only dying because their habitats are being destroyed?they’re also being eaten, as bushmeat. Five million tons of bushmeat come from the Congo basin alone every year, threatening several species, including elephants and great apes. A lot of it is exported to Africans living abroad.

In bbcnews.com, Alex Kirby quotes Adam Matthews, director of the Bushmeat Campaign, as saying, “[A] study said 150 million people?one in eight of the world’s poor?depend on wildlife for both protein and income.”
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We’re used to stories about illegal Mexican and South American immigrants crossing over the Mexican border into California and the Southwest. But there are gangs that specialize in smuggling Arabs into the U.S. from Mexico as well. And a new political movement in Mexico identifies illegal immigrants in the U.S. with Palestinians.

Last month, Mexican police announced they had broken up one of these smuggling gangs in Tijuana. One of the people they arrested was Imelda Ortiz, a former Mexican consul to Lebanon who was fired after 150 Mexican passports were stolen.
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