On this week’s Dreamland subscriber section, we are privileged and saddened to present what has turned out to be the last interview with one of the UFO greats. Listen as Graham Birdsall discusses some of the riveting truths and revelations that made him famous. Last week, this great investigator unexpectedly passed away. Graham Birdsall was the founding editor of the British UFO Magazine, the largest selling and best UFO magazine in the world.

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Psychopaths?who have no ability to comprehend the feelings of others and therefore commit the most horrendous crimes?are made, not born. But what makes them the way they are? And how can we spot them before they act?

Caroline Ryan writes in BBC News Online that scientists have found that telling a lie causes increased brain activity, meaning it’s easier to tell the truth. But psychopaths’ brains don’t increase their activity in response to lying because they find it as easy to lie as to tell the truth.
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A common infection could be the cause of the mysterious brain and lymphatic cancers that kill young children. Scientists have discovered that childhood cancer cases cluster together in a way that suggests that this is the origin. And how do adults who survived childhood cancer feel about their lives today?
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People see monsters all over the world. William Dranginis of Virginia became obsessed with Bigfoot when he spotted one in 1995. People in Canada have seen a strange little creature that could be an alien?except it likes to eat chickens. And the Irish claim to have their own version of Nessie.

Donnie Johnston writes in fredericksburg.com that was walking through a forest with two friends when he came face to face Bigfoot. He now spends one weekend every month trying to track him down again. Between expeditions, he designs surveillance cameras and listening devices that will help him track his quarry.
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