People taste and smell things very differently, which is why one person loves broccoli and another person can’t stand it. This means it may be impossible to convince your child to eat foods he hates. And our taste buds also reveal whether or not we’re alcoholics.

Our senses of smell and taste are controlled by 1,000 genes, over half of which are completely inactive. 50 of these 500 inactive genes are switched on in some people, but not in others, which may be why tastes differ. Every human has a different pattern of active and inactive odor-detecting receptors, depending on which genes are switched on and how sensitive we are to them, and people from different ethnic groups taste and smell things differently.
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Ever wonder why churches have organs instead of pianos? The people who devised church services knew what they were doing, because organs emit infrasound, which is lower than 20 Hertz. Although it’s inaudible to the human ear, it creates religious feelings in people.

Jonathan Amos writes in BBC News that scientists conducted an experiment in a London concert hall and found they could instill feelings of sorrow, coldness, anxiety and shivers down people’s spines by sneaking infrasound into the music they were listening to.

Recent studies have shown that elephants communicate this way, and that volcanoes that are getting ready to erupt may also produce infrasound. Some people think that haunted houses may be associated with it.
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We know that global warming can be caused by carbon dioxide emissions, solar flares and natural Earth cycles, and…fungus? But it’s true?there are tiny fungi living under the snow high in the Rocky Mountains that produce large quantities of greenhouse gases.

When these fungi reproduce, they create nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which could affect global warming. “This is important because these microbes may increase the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and could change estimates of carbon fluctuation on Earth,” says researcher Steve Schmidt.
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Nothing else seems to work, so maybe prayer will do it. The Prayer Group’s new intention is “That government secrecy come to an end.” When it comes to UFOs, when it comes to international war and terrorism, we have a right to know what’s really happening. It’s as unfair for a few people to hoard all the information as it is for them to hoard all the money and resources.

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