Andrew Gumbel writes in The (U.K.) Independent that next time you take a plane trip, be aware that you may be on a secret government list. The government has finally admitted it’s been keeping a list of anti-war activists, and targeting them for extra airport security checks.

People who protested the Iraq war have begun to notice they?re being singled out at the airport. The Transportation Security Administration finally admitted the list exists in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from Rebecca Gordon and Jan Adams of San Francisco, who were detained at the airport last fall and told they were on an FBI no-fly list. Gordon and Adams work for a small magazine called War Times, have never been arrested, and do not have criminal records.
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The World Trade Organization’s food and drug regulatory body is controlled by big drug companies, and they are trying to use it to make all but the smallest doses of vitamins illegal to purchase without a prescription worldwide. This is happening at the same time a study has revealed that a daily mega-dose of 5 vitamins can dramatically reduce cancer.

The Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2003, Senate Bill 722, would effectively regulate out of existence the sale of almost all vitamin supplements at higher potencies, except by prescription. The bill has been introduced by Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, a strong advocate of the WTO and sponsor of much pro-drug company legislation.
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An incredibly well-preserved jar of 2,000-year-old face cream was found at the site of an ancient Roman temple in London. The cream even had its user’s fingerprints still in it. It was made from donkey’s milk, and other ancient cosmetics have been found made from delightful ingredients like crocodile dung.

Amanda Onion writes in that another favorite Roman cosmetic ingredient came from the sweat and dirt from sheep’s wool. “Basically they were getting lanolin,” says Museum of London curator Jenny Hall. Lanolin is still used in cosmetics today.

For lipstick, Roman women used red ochre or the dregs from red wine. They mixed bear’s fat with lamp soot for eyeliner and mascara. Blusher and eye shadow came from ground saffron.
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Forest fires burning out of control, drought killing off farm crops, power grids failing due to the overuse of air conditioners?sounds like the summer in the U.S., but it’s this summer in Europe instead. Europeans are trying to figure out if their record-setting heat wave is a fluke or if it’s a sign of global warming.

“The weather we’ve seen over the last few days is entirely consistent with what we’re likely to see over the next few decades,” says John Turnpenny of the Tyndall Center for climate change research in the U.K. “We’re likely to see such a heat spell in London every year.”

Nicola Jones reports for New Scientist that In England, temperatures are expected to reach 100
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