In our last poll, we asked you if you’d participate in a group meditation to communicate with the visitors. Most of you are ready to try: 62% said, “Yes, and I think it would be likely to succeed,” and 29% said, “Yes, but I would be surprised if anything happened.” 4% said, “No, I think there’s too little chance of success” and 5% said, “No, because they are evil.” In our new poll, we ask you what you want Whitley to write next, so be sure to vote! His computer’s warmed up and he?s waiting to start.

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The Turkish UFO site says the CIA has officially asked the Turkish intelligence agency MIT for information on recent UFO sightings there. MIT has requested UFO reports from the Turkish Air Force and from Turkish Airlines. Turkey has had a large increase in reports of UFO sightings since 1999, especially from pilots.

The Sirius website received 14 reports of Turkish UFO sightings in April and 26 in May. Some of the May sightings were videotaped and photographed, and the photos are on their website.
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NASA Chief Engineer Paul Hill, author of Unconventional Flying Objects, was a distinguished, award winning engineer of the very highest caliber, who knew UFOs are real because he saw them himself. Instead of denying their existence or blaming them on ball lightning, he accepted the fact that they are extraterrestrial craft and used his professional skills to backward engineer them in order to try to figure out how they work. He wrote a book about this, but NASA prevented him from printing it during his lifetime. After his death, his daughter happened to find it in his effects, and had it published. This book is an important historical document, and a powerful rebuttal to skeptics who say that no leading aerospace scientist has ever seen a more

According to author Mario Moiraghi, the legend of King Arthur, his sword Excalibur, and the knights of the Round Table originated in Italy, and not in England. Moiraghi says a sword embedded in a rock in an abbey in Tuscany that dates to the year 1180 is the original “sword in the stone.”
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