Permissive parents, who feel their teens are old enough to make decisions for themselves, should know that at that stage of mental development, the part of the brain that tells them to experiment with drugs is much more advanced than the part that judges whether or not it would be a smart thing to do.

Lee Dye writes in that adolescence is the worst time in a person’s life to become addicted to drugs, because addiction affects brain development. Psychiatrist Andrew Chambers says that taking drugs during the teenage years “really does make concrete changes in the way your brain operates, in a permanent sense.”
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Steve Connor writes in the Independent (U.K.) newspaper that although the legendary Incas supposedly had no written language, they managed to create a huge empire which lasted from the second to the sixteenth centuries, with roads, granaries, warehouses and a complex system of government. Now anthropologist Gary Urton has discovered they used a computer-like binary code, based on knotted string.
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Is this the description of a nightmare? It will be reality soon, if a new kind of scanner starts being used. You’ll step behind it, dressed normally, while X-rays bounce off you and produce a black-and-white image that reveals if you’re carrying plastic weapons or explosives?and also displays a nude image of your body.

The government wants to use the new technology at airport security checkpoints because the equipment now in use can only detect metal objects. Susan Hallowell, who is testing the equipment, says, “It does basically make you look fat and naked but you see all this stuff.”
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On this week’s Dreamland, Whitley interviews Nick Redfern, who has been researching the unknown for years (and his recent move from the U.K. to Texas hasn’t slowed him down). He’s noticed that the government suppresses anything strange or unusual, and his question is: Why?

Why would the CIA attempt to suppress information about a large ruin on Mt. Ararat that could be Noah’s Ark? And why would the British government want to suppress knowledge of Loch Ness discoveries? Is there a pattern behind this??and if so, what is it? Redfern thinks there’s a BIG SECRET they don’t want us to know.

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