A long time ago, before we were human, our ancestors had to survive in a world dominated by giant lizards (dinosaurs). “Their brains certainly had to be effective in identifying reptiles in the world around them,” says Swedish psychologist Arne

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Marlboros are the world’s best selling cigarettes and also contain much higher levels of the cancer-causing agents called nitrosamines (TSNAs) than other cigarette brands sold in 11 of 13 other countries. In 10 of these countries, including Japan and Germany, Marlboros had at least twice the amount of TSNAs.

Philip Morris, the maker of Marlboros, says the Center for Disease Control finding wasn’t surprising because the levels of TSNAs in American cigarettes are traditionally higher, due to differences in curing and processing the tobacco. “We’re aware of these higher TSNAs and have worked to reduce them,” says Philip Morris spokesman Brendan McCormick.
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The reason SARS passes so easily from one person to another has been discovered: the SARS virus can live for as long as 3 days on walls, glass, plastic, stainless steel and other common household and hospital surfaces. WHO spokesman Iain Simpson says, “It is very difficult to give it a specific length of time because it varies from surface to surface and even place to place.” Most viruses do not last nearly that long on exposed surfaces.
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Robert S. Walker, former chairman of the House Science Committee, writes in the Washington Times that the Chinese are planning not only to go to the moon, but to set up a base there and occupy it. When we went to the moon, we erected an American flag there, but we’ve never claimed it as ours. What will happen if China claims the moon belongs to them?

The European Space Agency is getting ready to go to Mars with robots, just like we did, but neither of us wants to annex Mars as one of our territories. However, as soon as valuable minerals are found on a planet, and an inexpensive method is devised to get them back to Earth, it’s inevitable that countries will start to stake claims in outer space. We know that Helium 3, which is rare on Earth, is abundant on the moon.read more