We’ve been warned that supersaturated tropical oils, like palm oil and coconut oil, are bad for the heart. These are often used in manufactured baked goods, because they keep them fresh and moist longer. Now a new cooking oil has been developed containing these “dangerous” oils, plus some olive oil and flaxseed oil, which helped men lose a pound a month, without dieting. But it doesn’t seem to work for women.

Over a 27-day period, overweight male volunteers substituted the special oil for regular cooking oil, without changing their diets, and lost an average of one pound. However, women didn’t lose any weight using the special oil. The Canadian researchers who developed the oil say it goes straight to the liver and is burned up there, without adding any fat to the body. read more

Paranormalnews.com has translated a story from the Juventud Rebelde newspaper in Cuba about ancient stone tools that have been unearthed there. They could be relicts from the culture that built the pyramids that are now sunken off the coast of Cuba.

A group of amateur archeologists found stone tools that are exceptionally large and include large axes, cutting tools, arrow heads and enormous spears. Cuban scientists think they date from the Paleolithic age of the first human populations. Previously, based on earlier archeological finds, Cuba was thought to have first been inhabited 10,000 years ago.

Researcher Ramiro Ram

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Global Warming has made the Earth greener over the past 18 years, as plants get more heat, light, water and carbon dioxide. This means that while global warming is destructive for some parts of the world?causing floods, droughts or heat waves?it may be beneficial for others.

Not every place has become greener: about 7% percent of the Earth had lower plant growth. “The biggest winners seem to be India, Brazil and Canada,” says researcher Ramakrishna Nemani. “Losers are parts of Mexico and northern Siberia. The most surprising result is that of the Amazon.” The Amazon rain forest had more than 40% increased plant growth, since the reduced cloud cover let in more sunlight.
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In his new Journal, Whitley talks about what to do if contact comes. Worry? Hope? Pray? Meditate? We know that Mars oppositions bring increases in UFO activity, and Mars is going to make its closest approach in 70,000 years this August. As the opposition of the two planets draws closer, UFO activity continues to rise, so get ready.

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