We’re now providing videos on our subscribers section! The first one, available now, is of the operation to remove the implant on Whitley’s ear. He clearly remembers it being put there. Did the doctor succeed in removing it?or not? Find out by watching this fascinating video.

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We’ve learned that, after sex, the female praying mantis bites the head off her mate and eats him. Now Philip Cohen writes in New Scientist magazine that in one species of orb-weaving spiders, sex means certain death, because the deceased male’s corpse is trapped in the female’s genitalia. Is sex worth it?

“I was stunned that his happened with every single male,” says researcher Matthias Foellmer. “Spiders are known for their bizarre mating, but even so this was surprising.”
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Everyone in Los Angeles should get a pet mouse. Why?Because mice can predict earthquakes. Japanese researchers say mice act strangely after being exposed to low levels of electromagnetism of the kind which is often in the atmosphere just before a major quake. These electromagnetism levels are too low for humans to notice, which is why we need mice. Takeshi Yagi says, “The mice?became unstable and ran around inside the cage, scratched their faces and stuck their heads into sawdust in the cage. We first observed unusual movement by mice kept in our laboratory eight years ago, the day before the Kobe earthquake.” This 1995 quake measured 7.3 on the Richter scale and killed over 6,000 people, injuring over 40,000.
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The Bible says a star announced the birth of Jesus. Now geologists say a meteor that landed in Italy in 312 AD may have been seen as a sign from God by the Roman emperor Constantine, causing him to convert to Christianity, saving the religion from almost certain demise.

Constantine saw a blazing light cross the sky just before he went into battle, and he attributed his victory to divine help from the Christian God. Once in power, he stopped the persecution of Christians and gave their religion official status. Without his recognition, what was then a small and oppressed religious movement might have died out.
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