There is no Planet X–not at least, in the apocalypse- producing form that has been claimed for the past few years.

Nancy Leider, the voice of Zeta-Talk, has been saying for some time that this mythical monster was going to make a close pass on May 15, and wreak holy hell on earth. From her remarks on Coast to Coast AM on Friday, April 25, 2003, my impression is that she’s apparently putting back the date of its arrival and saying that it won?t be as big a deal as she had originally been led to believe. She implied that the aliens she claims to channel have misled her for unknown reasons.

Nancy Leider has been the victim of a kind of millennialism that strikes many close-encounter witnesses. I know it well: it struck me, too.
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Planet X is supposed to wreak its havoc on May 15, although now believers appear to be backing not only off that date, but also off the notion that it’s going to cause a massive earthly catastrophe. Whitley Strieber weighs in with a new journal entry on the subject of Planet X–and don’t think that he’s going to do the usual number on current whipping-person Nancy Leider. He doesn’t. Remember, he’s been there and done that…

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U.K. Astronomer Royal Martin Rees says the human race has only a 50/50 chance of surviving another century. In his new book “Our Final Century,” he says this will be caused by a combination of natural events, such as global warming and asteroid impacts, and man-made disasters, like engineered viruses and nuclear terrorism. He says, “I think the odds are no better than 50/50 that our present civilization will survive to the end of the present century.”

He thinks scientists shouldn’t do certain types of scientific research, such as cloning and genetic modification, that could eventually lead to our destruction. Other people have voiced such ideas, but Rees’ position as a leading cosmologist that makes his statements especially important.
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Robert Fisk writes in the London Independent newspaper: “So yesterday was the burning of books: first came the looters, then the arsonists. It was the final chapter in the sacking of Baghdad. The National Library and Archives ? a priceless treasure of Ottoman historical documents, including the old royal archives of Iraq ? were turned to ashes in 3,000 degrees of heat. Then the library of Korans at the Ministry of Religious Endowment were set ablaze.” Could it happen here? The impulse to destroy archives runs deep among people who would like to alter history to fit their beliefs. The National Archives and Records Administration is reporting an upsurge in threats against U.S. National Archives, and wants to tighten their regulations.
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