A judge has ruled that Clonaid vice-president Thomas Kaenzig must testify in a Florida court, even if he has to do it by telephone. Miami lawyer Bernard Siegel has accused Clonaid of abusing the cloned baby the group says they created. Clonaid announced the birth of the clone in Miami, but won’t allow independent scientists to verify if the girl is really a clone or if she’s healthy. Siegel filed the lawsuit because he believes that if the child is really a clone, she’s at risk for the kind of serious medical problems suffered by cloned animals. This trial will finally give the world proof about whether Clonaid really successfully cloned a human being.
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Here’s information you won’t find in your local newspaper: On Saturday, January 11, 2003, beginning at 8:30 p.m., a large group of “flying fireballs” were seen over Buenos Aires, Argentina. UFO researcher Ricardo E. D’Angelo says, “Right now, Buenos Aires is experiencing a massive wave of UFOs, possibly the most intense of the past few years. Balls of fire, crossing the sky at high and low altitudes and in all directions, were observed by thousands of Portenos (the nickname for residents of Buenos Aires) and videotaped between 8:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. I myself counted 23 of them in the sky at one time, and I am accustomed to seeing satellites pass overhead. These were definitely not satellites.
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One more thing to worry about?a chunk of ice could plunge through your ceiling without warning. It’s happened twice recently, in Georgia and California. Homeowners think the ice is coming from airplane toilets, but Unknowncountry has found that while ice can fall from planes, it’s a result of global warming. Contrails, which are ice clouds composed of crystallized vapor trails, remain in the atmosphere longer these days, because the lower atmosphere is retaining more heat, making the upper atmosphere colder. The ice can also be gigantic hailstones that occur when cloud tops reach extreme heights, and hit the cold air above the stratosphere. Pieces of these icy clouds and contrails fall through the atmosphere, getting bigger and bigger.read more

Years ago, the Chinese government sent out an obviously doctored photo of Mao swimming in a lake, in an effort to prove he was still healthy and alive. Ever since then, we’ve been skeptical about the photos we see in newspapers and magazines. Check out these photos and see if you can tell which ones are real and which are fakes.

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