In the Norwegian village of Asker, west of Oslo, Helene Solberg looked out her window and saw a comet-like with a long, bright tail flying object flying through afternoon sky shortly after 2 pm. She called her husband Stig, who told her to take a video of it. Helene saw the UFO for 8 minutes and managed to get 3 minutes of it on tape.

“Can I explain what it was? Absolutely not,” says Stig Solheim, after watching the video. The object came out of the west and disappeared to the south. He sent the video to local TV news stations and to the astrophysics department at the University of Oslo, where a professor guessed it might have been a plane.
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Boeing says it doesn’t know how to construct an anti-gravity machine, but three Dearborn, Michigan teenagers did it and plan to enter their craft in the Detroit Science Fair. The lightweight, triangle-shaped craft flies without the aid of fans, jets or an engine.

Luke Duncan, age 16, says they want to find out if their machine is really using anti-gravity or if something else mysterious is going on. “Our main focus is to determine whether this is antigravity or another phenomenon we don’t really know about, like superconductors,” he says.
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Australian researchers have found that people who start smoking marijuana as adolescents may be at greater risk of developing depression and schizophrenia later. Their studies can’t be explained by the theory that people with mental illness self-medicate with marijuana, as schizophrenics often do with cigarettes. This also means there’s a greater risk in using marijuana to help the symptoms of diseases like muscular sclerosis.
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If you’ve always been afraid or embarrassed to tell the truth about your UFO experiences, now’s your chance. In our new poll, we’re asking you answer (anonymously) one of the following three questions: “I’ve never had a close encounter,” “I have been abducted maybe once,” or “I have frequent abductions.” UFO researchers have been debating this question for years, but only YOU know the truth! To vote in this important poll, click here.

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