A class-action lawsuit has been filed in New York Cityclaiming that fast-food chains knowingly serve meals thatcause obesity and associated illnesses.

Caesar Barber, who weighs 250 pounds, says four food chains– McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and KFC — havejeopardized his health with their greasy, salty food. As aresult of all the fast food he’s eaten, Barber has had twoheart attacks and is diabetic. He filed the lawsuit in theNew York State Supreme Court in the Bronx on behalf ofmillions of obese Americans who buy fast food.
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A ghost sighting has been recorded by a security camera atPuckett’s Garage in Oklahoma City. The wrecker servicestores vehicles that have been involved in deadly trafficaccidents.

Employees believe the image is that of a woman who died in acar accident several weeks ago. Her insurance company movedwhat was left of her wrecked truck to the garage just hoursbefore the ghostly image was caught on tape.

Find out how Elaine Mercado coped with a houseful of ghostsin Brooklyn in “Grave’sEnd”,click here.

To see the ghost video foryourself,clickhere.

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Everyone in southern California is worried aboutearthquakes, and wonders when “The Big One” will hit.Geologists are trying to learn more about earthquakeprediction in Parkfield, California, the “earthquake capitalof the world.” Stanford geologist Mark Zoback and his teamat the United States Geological Survey (USGS) have begundrilling a hole a mile deep into the San Andreas Fault,which runs underneath Los Angeles. They?re digging slowlyand carefully, and listening for rumbles along the way.
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After further study, astronomers have decided that asteroidNT7 will not hit the Earth 17 years from now, but will flyharmlessly by instead. Dr. Don Yeomans of NASA says, “We cannow rule out any impact possibilities for February 1st,2019.”

But although it won’t hit us 17 years from now, it may stillhit the Earth in 58 years. Yeomans says, “While we cannotcompletely rule out an impact possibility for February 1st,2060, it seems very likely that this possibility will soonbe ruled out as well.”
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