Documents captured during the Israeli military offensive inApril give evidence for Saudi financing of Palestinianmilitants. The documents give details about the flow offunds from Saudi government institutions to Hamas and theIslamic Jihad, two groups that recruit suicide bombers.
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There?s real ghost detecting going on in San Francisco, butLoyd Auerbach doesn?t want to bust them, he just wants toget proof that they exist.

The Presidio, a former military post which is now part ofthe Golden Gate National Recreation Area, is known for beinghaunted. Mia Andrade, who manages the Lost Ladle Caf

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English researcher John Urquhart says that deaths anddeformities caused by fallout from the 1986 Chernobyldisaster, the world worst nuclear accident, may extendbeyond the Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The radioactivecloud it sent over Europe could have increased infant deathsand birth defects in England and Wales in the three yearsafter the accident. Urquhart thinks that at least 200 morechildren than normal died during those three years. “We’veprobably been too complacent about the health effects fromChernobyl in western Europe,” he says. He thinks the falloutmay have caused more than 600 extra cases of Down’sSyndrome, spina bifida, cleft palate and other abnormalities.
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A recent study by Professor Leonard Leibovici, of the RabinMedical Center in Israel, provides evidence that prayer canheal.

The objective of the study was, according to Leibovici, ?Todetermine whether remote, retroactive intercessory prayer,said for a group of patients with a bloodstream infection,has an effect on outcomes.?

He studied almost 4,000 patients who were hospitalized withblood infections between 1990 and 1996, dividing them into acontrol group and an intervention group. Prayers were saidfor the ?well being and full recovery of the interventiongroup? by people who did not personally know the person theywere praying for.
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