Pig farmers are having major breeding problems from feeding their animals genetically-engineered corn. Despite 30 years of experience farming in Shelby County, Iowa, Jerry Rosman couldn’t figure out why the birthrates of piglets fell 80%. He tested for diseases and made sure artificial insemination was working right, but he couldn’t find the cause.

Then he found out that 4 other nearby farmers were having the same problem. These farmers had different kinds of pigs and used different breeding methods. But they all had one thing in common: They all fed their pigs the same GM corn.
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Anne Strieber asks the Eternal Question and tells how our scientists are working to give us the answer. To read Anne?s Diary,click here.

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A small population in Appalachia has been linked to an ancient tribe in India by DNA. Kevin Jones, a biologist from the University of Virginia, says that he has discovered a rare DNA sequence in the area that is shared by a Northern India tribe called the Siddis. In Apalachia, they are known as the Melungeons.

The Siddis are descendants of African slaves, sailors and merchants who ended up in India as a result of trade with East Africa, which started in the 12th century and lasted into the 19th. These slaves became the part of the Indian population known as “untouchables.” Despite Indian anti-discrimination laws, there is still a lot of prejudice against them in India.
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People who listen to loud rock music may lose some of their hearing. Astronauts are worried about the same thing, because there?s such a racket inside the International Space Station (ISS), you can hardly hear yourself think.

Fans, compressors, motors, transformers and pumps create a deafening cacophony that is hazardous to the health and well-being of the space crew. The noise situation has been rated as “bad”–and it’s getting worse, as more equipment goes up.

Space station designers knew that noise could be a problem, but their attention was focused on more serious problems. “Noise was one of those issues that never seemed to get much respect,” says NASA acoustics engineer Jerry Goodman.
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