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Scottish businessman Steven Clark had heard the legends of the giant mystery cats, but he never believed in them until he saw the green eyes of the Beast of Bennachie, peering through the undergrowth at him. As it glided away into the woods, it left a trail of paw-prints in the snow.

?It was a beautiful creature, sleek and completely black,? says Clark, who was driving near the Bennachie Center when he saw the animal. He was slowing down on the snowy road when he spotted the massive cat less than 50 yards ahead. ?As I approached the junction, another car was going along the Chapel of Garioch road. This big black cat appeared, with its head turned it seemed to watching that car.
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Scientists have found a place on Earth that they believe is the same as conditions on Mars and on Jupiter?s moon Europa. Since the site is teeming with a large number of microbes, they believe that Mars and Europa could be too.

The site is Lidy Hot Springs, located in the Beaverhead Mountains in Idaho. Living in hydrothermal waters 660 feet below the surface are microscopic organisms called methanogens, which get their energy from hydrogen and produce methane as a byproduct. Scientists agree that if extraterrestrial life does exist elsewhere in the solar system, it?s probably in the form of organisms at the bottom of the food chain, which have a simple metabolism and need only hydrogen and carbon dioxide to survive.
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In a report released February 6, NOAA scientists report the ocean circulation system has been slowing down since the mid-1970?s, causing an increase in ocean surface temperatures along the Equator in the Pacific Ocean and a decrease of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

According to NOAA, ?These circulation changes are linked to the shifts in the climate of western North America, and can affect Pacific fisheries. They may be part of the naturally occurring ocean and atmosphere phenomenon called the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, which has a roughly 50-year cycle. But they also could be influenced by greenhouse gases.?
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