The baby of an ABC News employee has tested positive for cutaneous anthrax. Until now, there had been no reports of any suspicious envelopes or other signs of an anthrax attack at ABC News. The child had visited the set of World News Tonight on September 28.

Commentary from There are still officials talking about a ‘possible’ connection between Iraq, Osama bin Laden and the anthrax attack. However, it is clear now that the attack is more widespread than expected, and that there may be many more targets than previously expected. There is a substantial amount of planning behind this attack, and an unknown amount of weaponized anthrax available to the attackers.
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Analysis of lunar samples returned by the Apollo astronauts confirms previous indications that the ratios of the different types, or isotopes, of oxygen in the Moon?s soil are similar to those of Earth. It is a finding that is consistent with the giant impact model for the Moon?s formation. Computer simulations offer additional proof of the theory that the Moon was born out of a big collision between the Earth and a Mars-sized planet.
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A little boy is taken out of his life, and made to confront a strange machine. Maybe he resists, maybe he even screams. But he looks in it, he cannot resist, first once and then many times. He sees a glowing mass of material, pure white. Above it there is a comet, and the comet is moving. I recall the tail, which was very different from that of an ordinary comet. You could see its movement, you could see it luffing like a winded sail. The comet enters the huge whiteness, which seems to be a gas cloud, and as it does there is a sudden increase in its brightness. Then, quite rapidly, the interior of the cloud begins to change. Its shape alters into an egg, then an more

“In this difficult time,” Whitley Strieber states in the introduction to this new addition to our audio files, “we would like to make part of our website a place of refuge.”

He has selected a group of readings, ranging from a four thousand five hundred year old Egyptian poem to the Koran, the Bible and the Baghavad Gita, as sources of comfort and joy, a way for him and for anybody who listens to be reminded of what it great within us.

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