Leroy Richmond, age 57, who works in the District of Columbia post office, has come down with inhaled anthrax and is seriously ill. Another worker has been diagnosed with the inhaled form of the disease.

Richmond works in the main processing center in the area where workers handle the mail that is delivered to Senator Daschle?s office and he presumably came in contact with the letter sent to the senator that contained anthrax.

Two other postal workers have died, and it is now believed that they have perished from inhaling anthrax.

This indicates that letters containing anthrax could spread the inhalation form of the disease fairly easily. Other workers who could have handled the Daschle letter are being identified and tested.
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Colin Powell recently announced that we expect to have completed our mission and be out of Afghanistan before the winter. This may be a veiled threat to the Taliban that they should not try to wait us out, because if there is American military activity on the ground in Afghanistan in the winter, troops will run into the problem that has always plagued foreign armies there: the incredibly harsh winter weather. Even Afghanistan?s own civil war between the Taliban and the Northern Alliance usually shuts down between November and April.
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For our subscribers, a special treat: an all-time classic Dreamland from October 20, 2001 on the lost science of the soul. This early William Henry interview remains one of the most important Dreamlands ever broadcast. In it, William explores for the first time the idea that mankind in the distant past might have had a science that extended into the world of conscious energy and the life of the soul.

This remains one of the great themes of Unknowncountry.com and Dreamland.

The first segment of this program, a report from Linda Howe on cattle mutilations is lost, and, of course, no offers mentioned on the program are still valid.read more

War is tragic, we all know that. Soldiers are struck down in their youth before they have a chance to do more than dip their toes into the adult world. Civilians (children and mothers, the elderly) become innocent victims when they find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some people die due to secondary causes since during wartime, many of the ordinary functions of government are suspended, leading to starvation and disease.

Wrong choices are made in the heat of the moment, which warring nations regret for decades afterwards. During the Cold War, we supported almost any dictator who would declare himself anti-Communist. The harsh face of Africa today is partly due to these decisions.
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