Contamination of Street Drugs:

After the World Trade Center was reduced to rubble on September 11 and now that the Pentagon has a major hole in one side of it, we?re all waiting for the next shoe to drop. Most of us are worried about contaminants being dropped from the air or slipped into water supplies. But future attacks may not come from such obvious sources.

A government spokesman recently warned that they are worried about tainted heroin from poppies grown in Afghanistan being shipped to drug addicts in the U.S. Something like this actually happened in Scotland a year ago, where 23 drug users died after injecting contaminated heroin. More than 40 people across the U.K. and Ireland are also believed to have died after taking the drug.
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Gas masks are flying off the shelves in U.S. and European cities due to fears about possible biochemical attacks, but experts warn that without proper fitting and training the masks could be useless or even deadly.

?They have to be used at precisely the right time and in precisely the correct way,? says Brian Davey of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in the Hague. ?The individuals that are acquiring them will not be getting them or using them in the context of a controlled program and that can only be negative.?
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Anne Strieber explores the history of middle east conflict and discusses what we should expect, and the trials and ultimate benefits the conflict we are now in is likely to bring. To read this provocative diary entry, click here.

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About a thousand soldiers from the US Army’s elite 10th Mountain Division were expected to arrive in Uzbekistan over the weekend. At the same time, the coalition building process that has preceeded military action appeared to be nearing completion.

This means that military action against the Taliban and Osama bin Laden must not be far off, and US officials are issuing warnings that additional acts of terrorism are highly likely in the United States. It is also possible that US coalition partners may experience terrorist attacks as well.

At a Senate briefing Tuesday, one intelligence official stated that the chances of another attempt at a terror attack in this country were “100 percent,” and that it is likely to come when we attack Afghanistan.
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