Pine Gap is America’s most secure and most secret facility. It is located near Alice Springs in Central Australia, and has long been the center of extensive area UFO activity.

The famous Shuttle Mission STS-48 video that appears to show UFOs clustering around the spacecraft also features a pulse of some sort of energy that is directed upward from the ground, which causes the unknown objects to move away at high speed.

The area of the earth from which the beam emanated would have been central Australia, almost certainly Pine Gap.

This article, published first in 1996, describes very similar phenomena being witnessed from the ground by local people in the base area.
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Two American F-15 fighters were reported missing over Scotland today. As of midnight Monday, local time, no wreckage has been found, no radio beacons have been picked up and no contacts have taken place.

The fighters were on an afternoon training mission from the US Air Force Base at Lakenheath, 75 miles northeast of London. Traffic controllers lost contact with them over the Cairngorm Mountains in the Scottish Highlands.

Three Sea King rescue helicopters and two RAF Nimrod reconnaisance aircraft were searching the area. Mountain rescue teams were combing the rough but relatively open terrain.
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A new, peer-reviewed article in Science and Justice, the publication of Britain?s prestigious Forensic Science Society, proves there was a gunshot from the grassy knoll during the Kennedy assassination at Dealey Plaza in Dallas in 1963.

This means that there must have been two gunmen. Lee Harvey Oswald, accused of shooting at Kennedy from the a window of the Texas School Book Depository, could not have been in two places at once. The assassination was therefore a conspiracy, and the murder of the President remains an unsolved crime. There is no statute of limitation on murder.
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Start-up companies are working on devices that would mimic a multitude of scents, including roses, cotton candy and burning rubber. One company, TriSenx, has unveiled a computer mouse that sells for $269 and reproduces 20 basic smells that can be mixed to create hundreds of others.

Another company, Digiscents, has designed a device called iSmell that contains 128 basic scents and can create thousands more?from mint toothpaste to Brie cheese. ISmell costs about $200 and is due out in August.

You trigger the smells with a mouse click. The companies are encouraging Web retailers to send the smell of their products online to customers who use the devices, for a multimedia experience.
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