It seems most likely that the controversial GOES-8 photograph that I put on the website last week, and that was the object of a half-hour discussion on Dreamland on January 24, is a picture of the moon. This is not entirely certain, but the image appears like other images that the satellite has taken of the moon, with the difference that there is some sort of interference pattern around the questioned image.

However, a GOES-10 photo has now been found that shows an object that is most definitely NOT the moon. But its appearance is ambiguous. It could be some sort of an artifact of signal interference, although this does not seem very likely. The artifact appears in the lower right quadrant of the photo.
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These photos were taken by the GOES 8 satellite of an unknown object claimed to be a shadow of the moon. However, the so-called shadow isn’t being cast on anything, so it is hard to conclude that it is anything but an object. The photos were analyzed by Ross Hunt Productions, a prominent video image analysis and production company in business for over 40 years. The object reveals a slight triangular shape behind it that some have thought might indicate that it is a crude digital hoax. However, analysis indicates that this material cannot easily be explained.

The photos were taken in November of 1999.

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The comments about the Second Coming in my last journal entry have caused some consternation among Christians. This was not my intention. What I was trying to say was that Christianity is an inner state as well as an outer one. I feel that literalists–and by this I do not mean all fundamentalists- -are not looking within for the kingdom, and that is where the gospel says it is found. Heaven is a condition of the living soul, which is why Christ identified it as being within us. It is easy to find our guilt and weakness. The real courage comes when we find the greatness that is within, and face the task of living up to it. How close is Christ to us? He is breathing our breath. So look for the Second Coming right now, every moment.
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(Goin? From One Piece of Holy Ground to the Next)

Y2K chaos?not. The Second Coming–not. Armageddon–not. A million tons of low-grade gunpowder all lit up and a whole lot of beer down the gullet of the world?you got it!

I don?t know about you, but I feel as if we just got to the summit of a mountain that we?ve been struggling toward for all of our history, and found that the view of the other side reveals?more mountains.

This was a very profound transition for me, because it marks a fundamental change in the way I am going to be approaching life, one I have been thinking about and preparing for since 1985.
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