With the US facing the prospect of the least-powerful government in its history, world leaders are gathering in the Hague in an atmosphere of crisis to discuss the dangers of climate change, and there is talk of compelling the US to act domestically to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions if the country will not act on its own. The discussion centers around making provisions of the controversial Kyoto Protocol, which seeks to require industrial nations to reduce releases of carbon dioxide and other gasses which trap heat in the atmosphere.
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A wonderful vintage Dreamland from November 11, 2000 about Native American Prophecies. Nancy Red Star crossed the country discovering what various traditions had to say about the star ancestors. Whitley tells about what happened when he sent researchers to the Jicarilla Apache reservation in New Mexico to find out if stories about an underground UFO base there were true. This is a unique show, almost lost, now recovered. Don’t miss it! (There is some minor file damage consisting of skipped packets in this vintage program. This results in a few lost words and phrases.)
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I’ve had post-party blues, postpartum blues (caused by baby Andrew’s four a.m. cries for food) and now, along with the rest of the nation, I’ve got the post-election blues.

On election eve, we had dinner with friends. We turned on CNN and as the evening progressed, we switched from wine to hard liquor. By the time we staggered home, nobody had yet been elected President. When the clock radio woke us up Wednesday morning, we discovered that this was still the case.

We had lunch on Wednesday with another good friend who seemed depressed, which isn’t like her. When I asked her what was wrong, she replied, “I don’t think I can stand another four years of bickering!”
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The Nov. 8th solar eruption that triggered an ongoing radiation storm around Earth also launched a coronal mass ejection that appears to be heading in the direction of our planet. The CME raced away from the Sun traveling faster than 2000 km/s and it could strike Earth’s upper atmosphere late Friday or Saturday. Forecasters estimate a 25% chance of severe geomagnetic storms at middle latitudes during the next 48 hours. Go to to {http://spaceweather.com for continuing coverage.

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