Thirty seven years ago today, as of the moment I just put pen to paper, John F. Kennedy was shot dead in Dallas, Texas by unknown assassins, for unknown reasons. From that moment to this, the American Presidency has been an institution in decline.

The decline actually started in November of 1960, when Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago stole the election for Kennedy. Richard Nixon, who, despite all his faults and failings, was at least a statesman, declined to contest the election, instead conceding and then quietly attempting to prove voter fraud or get recounts in various constituencies.
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This fascinating insider’s story of the recount process in action has been prepared by Democratic activist Angela Glover Blackwell. She makes no secret of which side she’s on, but she provides all of us with an inside look at what has so far been a pretty mysterious process. What’s actually happening in the world of chads, dimples and the future of our country? (Bear in mind that this is from Thursday the ninth, so it’s a little out of date as news, but as insight into the political process it is timeless.)

From: Angela Glover BlackwellSent: Thursday, November 09, 2000 2:04 PM

Subject: FW: inside info about the recount process
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November is a big month for Whitley and me. We were married 30 years ago on November 28 and our son was born on November 30, eight years later. And then, of course, there’s Thanksgiving.

I remember our wedding well. We were recent immigrants to New York, so poor that the super in our building took pity on us and loaned us some furniture. Despite our monetary situation, Whitley was determined to be married in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

We didn’t live in the right parish, so we had to wade through a lot of red tape (and there’s no bureaucracy like the Vatican), but we managed to do it. They didn’t let us use the main cathedral, but we did get access to the small Lady Chapel behind it.
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On October 13, 2000 at approximately 7:30 PM a group of lights streaked across the Midwest, appearing first over northwest Texas, and ultimately being sighted from Oklahoma to Nebraska and as far east as Illinois.

On October 18, NASA issued a statement that the objects were the remains of a Russian Proton rocket that had been fired earlier that day had re-entered the atmosphere and broken up. In an unexpected development, US Space Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command both said that no such object had entered the atmosphere at that time.

Then, on October 29, NASA announced that the remains of the rocket had been found on a farm near LaCrosse, Kansas. This appeared to close the case, as Whitleysworld reported on October 30.
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