Whitley and I recently flew up to our old home town of New York City to attend our son’s college graduation ceremonies.

Wherever we travel, we can usually find someone in the UFO community to hook up with. In New York, a friend of ours who runs one of the original Communion groups has a friend who’s the manager at a nice midtown hotel, so we can usually get a pretty nice room there. This time we got a bedroom with a sitting room attached, which meant we got to see a lot more of our son. Since he’s a Knicks fan and doesn’t have cable T.V., he came to our hotel to watch the game almost every night. We got some sodas and take-out Chinese food and watched along with him.
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Genetic foods are being grown freely in the United States without any significant public oversight. The reason is that the genfoods industry has convinced regulatory and political bodies that modified genes cannot spread from one species to another and mutation is impossible. These stories from Europe are not likely to be featured prominently in the U.S. media, but they are vitally important to our future welfare. What is more important–our ability to grow healthy food and be free of all the unknown consequences of this technology, or the continued enrichment of Monsanto and the other genfoods companies?


From the FRENCH PRESS AGENCY: Beginning Of The End? Genes In GM Crops Jump The Species Barrier
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Scientists at the NEC Research Institute in Princeton, N. J., have submitted a paper to Nature for peer review that describes an experiment in which light was accelerated to 300 times its normal speed, so fast that the pulse exited the test chamber before it entered. While this does not mean that Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, which states that the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) is the fastest speed in the universe, is necessarily invalid, it does mean that important principles of propagation are just now being discovered. Whether or not this research will lead to the ability to signal across time is unknown, but there is no theoretical barrier to this process.read more

Boston Globe – Study by French officials, routine unexplained sightings, US military safety aspects combine to boost believers

By Leslie Kean, 5/21/2000

Last month’s release of the first detailed satellite images of Area 51, the top-secret US Air Force test site in Nevada, prompted a Web site meltdown as people from across the nation logged on in search of clues about unidentified flying objects.

”The interest has been really phenomenal,” said David Mountain, marketing director for Aerial Images Inc., which posted the high-resolution photographs of Area 51 on the Internet.
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