The prestigious British scientific journal The New Scientist reports that scientists are beginning to turn up strange physical measurements from ‘hauntings’ as well as intriguing if not entirely convincing photographic evidence. Unusual magnetic fields and areas of extreme cold in otherwise warm rooms are among the findings that have been documented. Skeptics claim that the magnetic field anomalies trigger hallucinations that result in ghost reports, but this does not explain the growing body of photographic evidence. The issue of whether or not the energies are conscious remains open, and in some cases their behaviors are strange. “Even among open-minded sceptics who hanker for rational, verifiable explanations, some experiences have left them puzzled,” the New Scientist more

Speaking before a meeting of the World Future Society, Michael P. Harden of Century Technology Services has warned that more serious problems than have been anticipated may arise when computers attempt to shift the calendar to the year 2000. The problem, according to Harden, does not lie so much with software and stand-alone computers, but with millions of chips embedded in all sorts of different systems.

Other experts agree. “It is no minor programming glitch,” according to Jonathan Spalter of the US Information Agency. “If we don’t take action, it could threaten economic stability.”
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The two-hour Confirmation Special will appear on NBC on Wednesday, February 17. Check your local listings for time. Produced by Mark Wolper and Whitley Strieber, the special searches for hard evidence of the unknown, centered around the issues raised in Whitley Strieber’s book Confirmation. Examining such mysteries as unexplained objects in NASA Space Shuttle footage, never before revealed UFO sightings and explosive new information about implants, the special strives to offer an even-handed view. It gives skeptics and believers equal time to state their cases, and is frank about possible more

Well, all of a sudden it’s the new year and I am back from three weeks in Europe, most of which I spent flat on my back with the flu. However, I did get to meet Msgr. Corrado Balducci, thanks to the kind assistance of German UFO investigator Michael Hessemann. I confirmed that the interview with Msgr. Balducci that appears in Confirmation is absolutely accurate, and that he never told anybody that there was a papal commission studying UFOs, or that papal nuncios regularly report to the Vatican on the subject. He was mystified about how any such tale could have been attributed to him. I wasn’t: I know the internet all too well.
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