Whitley's Room
Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Whitley Strieber Reads from Hybrids: the Adventure Continues...

Whitley Strieber continues his reading of his new book 'Hybrids,' which is due to be published on April 12, 2011. Chapter Two contains absolutely startling information about how people are made to forget abductions, why they are abducted and even how many are abducted each night, and what transpired underground in Dulce, New Mexico. All this information is stated in passing, as part of the story, but you have to wonder what Whitley actually knows and, for whatever reason, is unable to state as fact. Hybrids is in the tradition of his novels Majestic and the Grays, a fictional story full of material that, as he has put it,"I believe may be true, but cannot prove."

This is an extraordindary and powerful reading from what is going to be an explosive book!

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I am so grateful for your innate ability to, not only spin an absolutely gripping tale, but also the mind blowing wealth of personal knowledge and insight your writing work offers the Human family! Thanks Whitley! I'm absolutely counting on the time acceleration factor to get my hands on both "Hybrids" and better yet, the work of non-fiction you say will be out next summer! Thank you infinitely Mr. Strieber! Also, I wish to recognize the tremendous amount of courage you are displaying by re-entering the realm of non- fiction.

For some reason, when I read the date April 12, 2011, I am struck with a feeling that this date will be special to many people.

This is absolutely one of Whitley's best - but I thought that about every book he has ever written - DEFINITELY ONE OF HIS GREATS - Now - my biggest problem - how to wait until April 12?????

I just renewed my one-year membership and I'm looking forward to reading my free copy of HYBRIDS. Thanks Whitley for making that great offer on Facebook!
Alan Meyer